Expert Advice from Best Leak Detection Plumbers in Santa Paula, CA

If left untreated, a slab leak, water pipe leak, or other plumbing leak in a fixture, can be a costly repair. Not only will you have the plumbing repair costs to pay, but you may also be looking at extensive water damage that needs professional repairs. Here are some tips for spotting water leaks from the best leak detection plumbers at My Santa Paula Plumber Hero.

Mold Formation – Have you noticed mold growing in a corner of the home? Maybe it’s present near the bath or shower. You may wipe it away only to notice it back a couple of days later. This is an obvious sign that moisture is present. Call a Santa Paula plumber to figure out the source of the leak for quick repairs.

Water Stains – Water stains on the floor, walls, or ceiling are a good indication that something was or is leaking. If you notice water stains on the ceiling and you don’t have a second story, start by calling a roofer. There could be a leak under the shingles. Water stains on the ceiling of a lower floor and stains on the floor or walls require leak detection plumbing services. Chances are there is a leak in a water pipe that is buried behind the drywall or under the foundation.

Damp Smells – Does your home smell like a damp basement? Even in an old home this isn’t a normal smell. It’s an indicator of mold formation and a definite leak. Again, you want to get professional leak detection services to figure out what’s going on as quickly as possible.

Call #1 Leak Detection Plumber in Santa Paula

It doesn’t take long for mold to form and cause a lot of damage to a home. Not only is your home at risk when mold forms, but the health of your family is at risk too. Call a leak detection plumber in Santa Paula as soon as possible. My Santa Paula Plumber Hero answers the phone 24/7 and offer affordable, unrivaled leak detection pricing. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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