Quality Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement in Santa Paula, CA

Is your broken garbage disposal wrecking your plumbing system? Are you constantly dealing with a clogged kitchen sink or fighting a losing battle with leaky pipes? When you’re at your wit’s end with your garbage disposal, call My Santa Paula Plumber Hero. We’ll ease your stress and fix the problem quickly!

Garbage disposals are designed to make kitchen cleanup more convenient by pulverizing food waste and reducing the amount of food scraps in your trash cans. Over time, fibrous waste and non-biodegradable material that make their way into the disposal can undermine the job your disposal is tasked with completing. This results in excessive wear and tear that can lead to complete failure and early replacement.

If you’re experiencing frustration with your garbage disposal, call us today to learn more about our garbage disposal repair service in Santa Paula, CA.

What Are Frequent Garbage Disposal Problems?

There are a number of reasons why your garbage disposal may stop working well. Here are just a few of the most common problems:

  • Leakage – This common problem is usually the result of incorrect installation, but it can also be a sign of extreme wear.
  • Jamming – If your garbage disposal is having a difficult time grinding up food matter, its flywheel may suddenly switch off as a fail-safe. This is normal, but constant jamming can place excessive stress on your disposal’s motor and end up causing problems that can be expensive to fix.
  • No power – Usually this happens for one of two reasons. Either the disposal became jammed and it turned itself off, or the motor is bad. If the motor is bad, replacement is most likely the only option.

With all of these situations, it is best to contact a certified plumbing professional to investigate the problem and help you determine if the unit can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

How to Avoid Garbage Disposal Problems

You can extend the life of your disposal by taking care of it and maintaining it according to manufacturer suggestions. If your garbage disposal is losing its efficiency, you may want to consider how you are using the appliance. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Do not pour grease or oils into the disposal.
  • Avoid overfilling the disposal with large amounts of food.
  • Inspect your unit from time to time to identify leaks or loose parts.

If you notice any problems, call for professional plumbing service right away. The sooner problems are addressed; the more likely it is that you can avoid costly repairs or the need to purchase a brand new unit.